There is no doubt that external factors affect our decision-making process. We sometimes are lured into thinking that we want something or need something when in reality we don’t. Our decisions are often impulsive and irrational.

We often buy in the spur of the moment, without considering financial implications for example. ‘Shops are very clever’ in the way they ‘control’ us. There are things we normally wouldn’t buy, or wouldn’t under normal conditions have the desire to buy, yet when we are in a group of people, and there is an opportunity to purchase, we seem to do it without thinking much about it. I think many of us could easily identify ourselves with this.

There was a program not that long ago, where three psychologists were looking at people’s preferances, and how easy it was to deceive them, simply by telling them about the product. The researcher had two glasses of the same wine. Wine in glass A was described to be very expensive, and there was a fantasticstory behind it, which made people think positive about the wine before even tasting it. Wine in glass B was explained to be ordinary and cheap. Although it was the same wine, people said they could taste the difference. How could that be possible? The wonderful act of deception… The power people’s expectations have is incredible.