The focus of this blog is on people’s perceptions. What do people believe to be true? AND what is the reality?

Milgram showed through his experiment about obedience that people follow orders and do  not think about the reality clearly. According to Milgram’s studies 65% of people will follow orders and will be obedient to authority. He showed that the participants of his experiment believed in whatever the researchers told them. They were simply listening and believing that the researchers were in control and they would have to listen to them. They believed that because the experiment was laboratory-based it was safe. The damage caused by electric shocks given to the learner wasn’t going to leave a long term damage.  Despite the fact that the learner was screaming out in pain the experiment was continued. People involved in it felt in control, I think. They felt responsible for the completion of the experiment, and the learner’s pain wasn’t being considered an much as it should have been.

Participants of Milgram’s experiment blindly believed it was necessary to continue with the experiment, despite the fact they were told they can stop the experiment at any time.

When the researchers finally told the participants what the experiment was all about most of the participants didn’t blame themselves, but responded that they were simply following orders. Is it justified? Not really, because it was the participants pressing buttons which were giving out electric shocks to the learner. The participants were trying to justify the pain they inflicted onto the learner, but in fact they were the ones that hurt the learner.

Below you will find a link to youtube where you can find Milgram’s experiment. There are three parts to this video. The link is to the first part.