I came across an article this morning which states that psychologists believe that by simple washing your hands, having a shower or a bath you can get rid off negative emotions and feelings. This blog concentrates on people’s perceptions of the truth. So a simple task to everyone who is reading. Please, the next time you feel emotional in a bad way and you need to get rid of those negative feelings, whether it is guilt, disgust, anger or anything else you might feel, go wash off those emotions.

But Mr Lee, whose study was published in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science, said that washing off emotions isn’t always a positive experience. We can easily wash off those positive memories, just the same as the bad ones.

A study was conducted where participants had to think of an immoral deed they have committed in the past. Some were kept in a tidy, clean room with washing facilities, and some in an untidy, dirty room. They found out that those in the untidy room felt more guilty.

It’s so interesting how a simple act of cleansing can have an impact on our psychological perceptions of the truth. Cleaning oneself doesn’t change the fact or the nature of the immoral deed committed, yet it somehow makes us perceive the deed in a more positive light.

Here is a link to the website, where you can find an article.