Today at work I was told by my colleague that her horoscope for this year said she would achieve new things she never thoought she could achieve. She then explained that at the age of (…) she finally decided to change a career, join night classes and persue a career she always wanted. She said that the horoscope prediction she read explained that she would succeed in everything she plans. She is a Scorpio. So am I. This made me think about how this year turned out for me. And to be quite honest everything I wanted to do, I am doing. I delayed starting university and I wanted to start this year, and I did. Other things come to mind too, but that is not the point of this discussion.

Later on that day I went on the internet and I searched for my horoscope for 2012. (I don’t believe in horoscopes, because I believe that everything we do is mostly up to us, unless something happens because of another human being). Reading how my year is going to turn out, I couldn’t help but smile. It told me that I will be successful in changing jobs, which I am planning to do, and I have been planning for a very long time. It told me and I quote “everything a Scorpio touches will turn to gold”… and so on…  For a cynic like me that burst of emotional happiness was very powerful. Suddenly I felt as if I can just do anything I want to do, and I WILL succeed. It was as if reading all these positive predictions gave me a moral boost, and made me realise I CAN do whatever I want to do. So, is this why people read horoscopes? Is it like a drug that helps them motivate themselves to try new things? It certainly made me feel a lot better at a time when I was feeling as if everything collapses.

Whenever I read a horoscope that says something negative I dismiss it. But when I read a positive horoscope it makes me feel better. Although I don’t believe in it, it gives a bit of hope that maybe it will happen.

I googled “why do people believe in horoscopes?” and YahooAnswers users mostly explained that people who read horoscopes are people who are afraid of the real world and need something out of this world to tell them what to do. I don’t think that’s the case. I think that some people read horoscopes just for fun, and to see what it’s going to say. Others read them for reassurance. Is it so unnatural to want a little reassurance sometimes?

When people read horoscopes and they come true, then is it because it was written in the stars and it would happen anyway, or is it because when people read positive and negative things about themselves they subconsciously make it happen? Like I said earlier, apparently I will succeed in changing jobs, well is it fate, or now that I read about it, will I pursue it?